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Harris also said Embiid's defense was instrumental in keeping Trae Young in check in Philadelphia's pick-and-roll coverages. The Hawks guard finished with 21 points on 6-for-16 shooting, 11 assists and four turnovers after controlling Game 1 with 35 points and 10 dimes.

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Broadly speaking, we remember athletes for two reasons — what they did or how they did it. The points they scored, the titles they won, the times they charged into the stands to fight with fans; all fall into the former category. It’s a good way to ensure your place in posterity. No one can change the facts afterward. But it’s the how that sticks in the collective mind more readily. A player who does something in a way that hasn’t been seen before, or that no one else can match, might never be forgotten. The how made a superstar out of Charles Barkley, always punching above his height, and built the legend of Allen Iverson. Long before Nikola Jokic was a likely MVP, he was beloved for being this bizarre amalgamation of traits: a point guard’s mind in a pro wrestler’s body. You don’t even have to be great if you’re distinct enough. There’s a reason Space Jam filled out its five-man alien roster with Muggsy Bogues and Shawn Bradley.

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Yahoo Sports’ Jared Quay is leaning toward the over in this series once again, and he also has a pick for the game. Maybe Lillard will get some help on Thursday night.

The final spot in the second round was finally determined Sunday, with the Clippers becoming the first home team to win a game in this series. While they had no answer for Luka Doncic (46/7/14 with five 3-pointers) in the first half, as he pumped in 29 points, the Clippers were once again able to make things more difficult for the electric point guard after halftime. The problem for Dallas: they got nothing from their bench, and there were no other difference-makers within the starting lineup.Phoenix Suns

If you’ve ever said Devin Booker is “empty stats” or “not a winner” please don’t ever talk basketball for the rest of your life. EVER.Utah Jazz
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The dejected look on Anthony Davis captured his frustration. Where he sat captured his extreme limitations.Sacramento Kings

"I mean, nothing yet," Doncic said when asked what he proved during the series. "We made the playoffs twice since I've been here. We lost both times. At the end, you get paid to win. We didn't do it."Washington Wizards