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Starting with Toronto, which had the No. 2 pick, West approached every team ahead of the Lakers with an offer to trade Divac for their selection. Finally, the Hornets bit at 13. They agreed to draft and trade Kobe for Divac, provided he was still on the board. Tellem and the Bryants then went to work to make sure that he would be.Utah Jazz

Through 35 games this campaign, Williams has averaged 12.5 points, 3.7 assists and 2.3 rebounds while shooting 42.2-percent from the field and 39.8-percent from the field. In fact, Williams’ points and assists averages rank as the third-best on the team.Phoenix Suns

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Griffin is going from the Eastern Conference's worst team to a club that entered the All-Star break on a 10-1 roll since a 122-111 loss at Detroit on Feb. 9. Durant, who missed the last nine games before the break with a hamstring injury, could return Thursday.

"A lot of people want to hear about the Golden State years," Iguodala told Fox Sports' Melissa Rohlin for a lengthy feature story published Sunday.San Antonio Spurs
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"I thought it was big, especially after starting off slow," Brown said. "We played hard man. It was good going into the break. We needed that win."

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Embiid and Simmons were not in contact with any other player in Atlanta so the game can still happen, but for Philadelphia, this is a tough blow to handle as they begin the second half of the season.Toronto Raptors

"I think they feel really good about the way that everything has healed and the time that was taken. I think we were very conservative with that, and rightfully so," Stevens said. "With all the games we're playing and them all being backed up, any injury but certainly any muscle injury, you're certainly going to be super cautious with. I think we feel good about that part.